Location: 498 Island Highway, Victoria BC
Hours: Open 9am to 11pm 7 days a week
Contact Us: Ph: 250-391-4458    Fx:250-391-4428

Six Mile Liquor Express

At Six Mile, we want to be your liquor store. From our hundreds of craft beers, thousands of wines from BC and international, and spirits including the major brands as well as many craft spirits, we stock a full line of hospitality beverages for your evening’s enjoyment or your party events.

Our staff has experience and credentials to help you find the best products. Hundreds of products are on sale every month. And you can put your name in for draws for such prizes as hot tubs, bicycles, barbecues and fire pits.

How much more fun can you have? Come and see us.

The Team at Six Mile

Jordan Reay

Contact Jordan at sixmile@liquorexpress.ca